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Wed, 25 Mar 2020

A group of year 12 students had the fantastic opportunity to attend a careers conference at the University of Wolverhampton called ‘999: Preparing to succeed’ which enabled them to gain a real insight into health and social care professions. In the morning, the students were shown a video which portrayed the events leading up to an emergency scenario and then rotated around a series of workshops to find out how those professions would react to the incident. The students learnt how A&E nurses respond to a patient using their ABCD process and got to have a go themselves! Next was the Paramedics workshop, where students were taught how to administer CPR and the best way to contact the services in an emergency with the what3words app.

After debating which profession they preferred from the morning, the students watched a second video which portrayed the events from the scenario, six months after the accident. They first met with a Physiotherapist, who showed them the importance of rehabilitation and what exercises specifically target areas of the body. The Psychologist workshop, introduced the students to how psychology can be used in a wide range of occupations and the benefits of therapy after an accident. Last, but certainly not least, the Social Worker workshop focused on how this job can support all members of the family with everyday stresses.

The students who took part from the Academy were all interested in pursuing a career in health care and the conference really helped them to make some decisions about their future careers. As one student commented; "I can't wait to work for the NHS. Today has confirmed I want to be a paramedic”.

A big thank you to the University of Wolverhampton and the Aspire to HE project for hosting the conference and to all our fantastic year 12 students who took such an active and enthusiastic part in the day.


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