Ofsted Report

Madeley Academy Ofsted Report 7 October 2022

On 21st and 22nd September, the Academy was inspected by Ofsted and we were delighted to be judged Good with Outstanding for Personal Development.

The following quotes provide a good feel for what was reported by Ofsted:

  • Pupils are proud to come to Madeley Academy. They enjoy school and want to do well.
  • Leaders have a strong understanding of the community they serve and set high expectations for all pupils.
  • Staff build positive relationships with pupils and are committed to the school’s motto: ‘focused on success’.
  • Pupils behave extremely well. In lessons, they listen carefully to their teachers and are keen to participate in learning.
  • At social times, pupils sit sensibly together, while others enjoy playing table tennis with their friends. Bullying is extremely rare.
  • Leaders have put in place an ambitious curriculum.
  • Leaders have put in place a comprehensive programme to help support those who are still at the early stages of reading.
  • Leaders’ work to promote pupils’ personal development shines through at this school. There is an exceptional programme of extra-curricular activities as part of ‘Session 3’.
  • Leaders have crafted a strong and effective careers programme across the school.
  • Leaders work together closely to ensure that pupils at risk get the help and support they need. Actions are taken in a timely way.
  • Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the school. As one parent commented in response to Ofsted’s survey, ‘My child is thriving here.’