Careers in Crime!

Tue, 17 Dec 2019

Year 12 students enjoyed a fascinating trip to the Crime Scene House at Staffordshire University to find out about the range of careers in policing, law and forensics. The crime scene house gives students the opportunity to investigate simulated crime scenes in a realistic setting and helped them to understand some of the practical considerations of crime scene investigations.

The students were asked to piece together evidence to deduce what crime had taken place, who may have been involved as well as any injuries sustained. They then spent time in the labs, taking swabs from bullet casings and detecting gun powder residue with spectroscopes.

The day gave students a unique insight into the variety of degree courses offered and it was brilliant for the students to see the university’s facilities and gain an insight into policing and forensic science careers.


Photo of student using computer at Staffordshire University Crime Scene house

Photo of student at Staffordshire University Crime Scene house

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