Student Life

The Sixth Form are expected to wear office-style dress to simulate a workplace environment. Students are not permitted off-site during the day apart from those with home study lessons on their timetable. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in or close to the Academy.

Equal Opportunities

Madeley Academy welcomes all applicants regardless of colour, race, religious belief, nationality, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or background. We admit students from right across Telford as long as they meet the entry requirements.


The Sixth Form Bursary is available to students who meet the set criteria and it is payable on a termly basis. Applications are encouraged at the start of each year and forms are available from Bobby Kaur.

Opportunities for Employment

All students are given the opportunity to experience a work placement in Y12.  With employers actively involved in the full life of the Academy, students have the opportunity to work alongside industrialists on site and in the workplace. Our bespoke Careers Service is always available to discuss opportunities to enrich your education with work placements and voluntary schemes.

Personal Advice & Guidance

Tutors will continue to be the first point of contact for Parents/Carers.  Their role will be to monitor progress, agree targets and negotiate timescales so that the demanding workload can be effectively managed.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There are a wealth of opportunities available for Sixth Formers including the state-of-the art gym facilities plus a comprehensive session 3 programme which is publicised on the Academy website.

Sixth Formers are encouraged to get involved in other voluntary schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and the National Citizenship Service Volunteering Programme